What Can Your Dog Teach You About Leadership?

Craig Cincotta with this wife and three dogs: Fenway, Lady and Stella.
Photo by Julie Clegg, via entrepreneur.com

An article in Entrepreneur magazine by Craig Cincotta, a vice president of brand communications at Porch, describes how his dogs have taught him some useful lessons that he has applied to life in. . .

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Woman Flies Across Country To Adopt A Very Special Dog

Dill the rescue dog has a deformed front leg that some might think makes him unadoptable.

Here’s a beautiful story about a sweet rescue dog named Dill, who unfortunately has a deformed leg. Such a disability might put off some would-be adopters, but it didn’t stop Jess Street from. . .

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Photo of the Day: Magic Marble

Caught from a stream only about fifteen feet across, this marble took a gray nymph tied on a jig hook.
Photo by Sandy Hays

When I was in Slovenia in June 2104, we fished a small mountain stream that is a tributary of the Idrijca River. The marble trout from this stream looked markedly different from those we. . .

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Video: Chasing Salty Dreams

Here’s an exciting trailer for a film from Australia that follows a pair of anglers from Sydney to the tropical north in Queensland. According to the filmmakers’ description, “The film unveils. . .

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First Casts 01.26.16

A brook trout from Red Brook, in eastern Massachusetts.
Photo courtesy of the Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition

Editor’s Note: “First Casts” is an occasional feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Frenchie’s First Snow

It’s cold and I can’t move. What’s to like?
Photo by Sandy Hays

My friend and photographer, Sandy Hays, lives in New York City, which endured quite a blizzard over the weekend. He just sent me this wonderful image of his French Bulldog, Luna, who. . .

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Video: An Emaciated Dog’s Survival is a Miracle

When police finally located her, Effie’s condition was beyond dire.
Photo via wtae.com

When a worker spotted a desperately skinny dog in a Pittsburgh apartment last week, he immediately called the police, but it took a while for them to find the dog and her. . .

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