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Up the Creek Without a Rod

Written by: Eric Weissleder

Orvis HQ is tucked into the woods on the western slope of the Green Mountains: prime fly-fishing country.

I don’t fly fish. Never have. All right, that’s not 100% true. I have, as a benefit of being an associate at The Orvis Company, taken advantage of the fly-fishing classes offered to all associates. . . .


History on Ice: Discover the 13th Annual Ice Harvest & Winter Carnival at Remick Farm

Written by: Debra Carr Brox

One of the ice-hauling teams of young oxen brought in by a local 4-H Group.
Photos by Debra Carr Brox

Men in overalls and plaid wool coats and kids with only their eyes exposed lined up along the edge of the small, frozen pond, each with a four-foot saw in their hands. As they pushed and pulled. . .