What to Do If You Find a Tick on Your Dog

The deer tick, Ixodes scapularis, is the main vector for Lyme disease. Photo courtesy the U.S. Department of Agriculture, via Wikimedia
This is the time of year when my dog loves to run through the tall grass in the field next to our home. . .which means it's high time for ticks. These tenacious little arachnids carry any. . .
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Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Cast to Trout in Tight Spots

The key to fishing tight spots is to limit the amount of line you have on the water.
Photo by Phil Monahan
This time of year, I spend a lot of time on small mountain streams, where the trout lies are surrounded by vegetation, rocks, and different kinds of current. In this video, Kent Klewein of. . .
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Texas Man Trains Shelter Dogs to Do Police Work

Brad Croft works with a shelter dog in San Antonio, Texas.
Photo via ABC News
Most police K9 officers are pure-bred dogs, but one Texas man is trying to change that. Brad Croft believes that many of the dogs languishing in shelters can be trained to work the police. . .
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Photo: Why a Montanan Travels to Pennsylvania

Written by: A.L. Swanson
That is a beast of a rainbow, no matter where you fish. Photo courtesy A.L. Swanson
As a Montanan exposed to some of the finest trout waters on earth, why is it that I venture to central Pennsylvania annually to fish for trout? Because it is truly a special place, with a. . .
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Video: Dog Suffering from Heat Stroke Saved in the Nick of Time

Here's a harrowing tale about a dog whose owner took no precautions to protect him from the heat, and it almost cost the dog's life. Thankfully, a reporter and a friend were driving by and saw. . .
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Video: “Trauma” and the Healing Power of Fly Fishing

Here's a powerful video featuring Todd Fuchigami, a guide for Ellensburg Angler in Ellensburg, Washington. (You may remember his big smallmouth, which we posted last month.) This clip is. . .
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Photo-Booth Shots of Dogs Work Wonders for Utah Shelter

To help increase adoption rates and show off their unique personalities, the Humane Society of Utah has teamed up with photographer Guinnevere Shuster to create photo-booth style. . .
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Classic Video: Puppy Drone Delivery is the Wave of the Future

Here's an incredible service from a new website called Same Day Pups, which has made buying a puppy easier and faster than ever before. Here's how they describe their innovative service: . . .
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