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An Epic, One-Day Vermont Craft-Beer Tour

Written by: Wayne Rock

Vermont is known worldwide for its craft brews.
Photos courtesy Hill farmsteead, Rock Art, Prohibition Pig, and Citizen Cider

Ask any of my friends about me. One of the first things they’ll tell you is “Wayne Rock knows his beer.” Truth be told, Vermont’s liquid gold was a considerable influence on my decision to swap. . .


Wayne’s Rock Solid Smoked Mint Julep

Vermont Bourbon – Have we gotten your attention?
Photo by Wayne Rock

Here we are in the first week of May, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of…the Kentucky Derby. And Mint Juleps! In this case, the young man is Wayne Rock, a transplanted Southerner who now makes his home here in Vermont as an Orvis Retail Analyst. Wayne is an fantastic cook, and one of his current explorations is the world of smoking. He has everyone here in the Home Office chomping at the bit to try this amazing spin on the classic Mint Julep. To celebrate the Kentucky Derby we just had to share the backstory as well as the recipe. In Wayne’s own words:


7 Cool Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Written by: Lucinda Jamison

She’ll remember the stunning views and unparalleled experience of a hot-air balloon trip for years to come.
Photo by Jason Elkins, Equinox Balloons

It’s almost Mother’s Day…still wondering what to give to the woman who gave you the world? We thought you might be, so we asked ourselves, what would be the most exciting, extraordinary, . . .