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7 Ways Hiking in Vermont is Different from Hiking in Virginia

Written by: Wayne Rock

The author at the summit of 4,000-foot Camel’s Hump, Vermont’s 3rd highest and most-recognized
mountain—it’s the mountain featured on the Vermont State Quarter.
Photos courtesy Wayne Rock

1. You know switchbacks? Fuhgeddaboudem.
When I first applied for a job in the Green Mountains, I took myself to a place that had a highly drinkable amber on tap called Switchback Ale. I would later find out that this fine brew is. . .


Cooper’s Alaska

Written by: Paul Fersen

Paul Fersen and his then-10-year-old son, Cooper, pose with a pink salmon in Alaska.
Photos courtesy Paul Fersen

Travis and David were a hundred yards downriver, pulling rainbows from a deep run. I leaned against the raft, with a cup of coffee watching a caribou move through the brilliant lavender. . .