Top 10 Nymph Patterns for Montana Tailwaters

Written by: Pete Shanafelt, Bighorn Angler

Bighorn River trout can be caught on nymph patterns year-round.
Photo courtesy Bighorn Angler

Montana is blessed to have the Bighorn, Madison, Missouri, and Beaverhead as some of the top tailwater fisheries in the world, all within a day’s drive. Having spent the past 14 years guiding. . .

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The Best Dog-Friendly National Parks, Part 1

Orvis associate Cindy Dunican and her Black Lab, Addy, enjoy adventure travel.
Photo by Cindy Dunican

On August 25, the National Park Service will celebrate its 100th anniversary, so over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting the best parks for you to explore with your dog. Pets are. . .

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Photographer Dresses Up Dogs for Adoption

Paxton has rolled up his sleeves and is ready to work!
Photo by Tammy Swarek

First impressions are important, and bad photography is the bane of many dog shelters. But one photographer is trying to create the opposite effect through elaborate portraits meant. . .

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