Video: Find Your Water—”Alpine Rises”

The latest video from the "Find Your Water" series follows anglers Ben Kraushaar and Anna Ortega on a trek into Colorado's San Juan Mountains to fish some high-country lakes for stunning . . .
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Video: Teaching Your Dog to Sit to the Whistle

Here’s part six in the video series “Getting Your Dog Ready for Hunting Season,” from The High Lonesome Ranch and Brookside Gun Dogs. Here, Steve Nicholas, head of Brookside, . . .
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Photos of the Day: Big Grayling in the Alaskan Bush

Written by: Duane Reading
These gorgeous Alaskan natives rose readily to a well-presented Griffith's Gnat. Photos courtesy Rouse Fly Fishing
Anthony and his son, Daniel, enjoyed a remarkable day in Alaska catching grayling on Griffith's Gnats. After landing on Kijik Lake, in Lake Clark National Park and preserve, the group . . .
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Video: Pro Football Player Adopts Pup Rescued from Louisiana Flooding

Photo via
I love these stories in which a person who certainly has the means to go out and buy an expensive pure-breed dog instead chooses to rescue one instead. In this case, it's Cleveland Browns . . .
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Video: How to Tie the Foam Beetle 2.0

This time of year, I see very few insects hatching on our local waters, so I almost always fish a terrestrial pattern. Foam Beetles are great because they float well, are easy to see, and . . .
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Video: A Grand Tour of Quebec Fly Fishing

I'm not quite sure who these folks at Mouche are, but they clearly know how to have a good time fly fishing in their native Quebec and they have some killer cinematography chops. This video . . .
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New Studies Show that Dogs DO Understand Words

The dogs in the study pose on the MRI machine used to record brain activity.
Photo by Enik Kubinyi, via
A long-running debate among those who study dogs revolves around a simple question: Do dogs understand the words we say, or is it simply how we say them? Reasearchers at . . .
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Help Save the Flats of Belize’s Blackadore Caye TODAY!

Extensive development of Blackadore Caye could lead to the destruction of much more flats habitat in Belize. Photo via
We posted back in February about the proposed development of Blackadore Caye, in the middle of the fantastic fishery of Belize's Chetumal Bay. Local residents and anglers—including guides . . .
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