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Arthritis and Cold Weather: Winter Comfort for your Arthritic Dog

Written by: Tucker Kimball

People with arthritis know firsthand that cold weather worsens their pain and stiffness. If your dog has arthritis, his discomfort probably increases during the winter months, too. Theories about why this happens include changes in barometric pressure, increased nerve sensitivity, and decreased activity levels, but no clear cause is known. There are, however, clear steps […]


Can Dogs Eat Turkey and Turkey Bones?

Written by: Tucker Kimball

Photo via Thanksgiving is a time for sharing with friends and loved ones, so the temptation to let your furriest family member partake in the feast is understandable. But to express your gratitude for your dog, and to keep him safe, resist the urge to feed him Thanksgiving scraps—in his bowl or under the […]


Morris Animal Foundation: Diabetes in Dogs

Written by: Daryl Kenny

Are we being too good to our furry pals?
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Written by Kelly J. Diehl DVM MS Dipl. ACVIM

Insulin: A century of treating diabetes

Almost 100 years ago, a team of Canadian medical doctors made an astonishing finding; a new hormone responsible for blood sugar regulation. Before the discovery of insulin, diabetes (a group of diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood) was a feared and fatal illness. The discovery of insulin revolutionized the treatment of diabetes mellitus in people, and within two years of its discovery insulin was available worldwide.

People weren’t the only ones benefitting from the discovery of insulin. References to treating diabetes in dogs go back to the 1940s and treatment options for dogs have advanced significantly in the last two decades. Insulin has been, and remains, a cornerstone of diabetes therapy….


American versus English Labradors

Written by: Paul Fersen

English-bloodline, American-bred Labrador retrievers make great pets and gun dogs.
Photo via

Before I start on this interesting topic, let’s establish that I’m talking about field bred dogs here, not bench bred dogs. There’s a difference, but I’m not about to get into that thicket, so I’ll just stick . . .


Enter to win a Deep Dish Dog Bed & Dog Jacket

Written by: Julia Zema

As we approach hibernation season, snugly beds and warm jackets are essential comforts for humans and for dogs. In this month’s giveaway, your pup has the chance to win the ultimate winter combination- a Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam and a Quilted Waxed-Cotton Dog Jacket ! The contest runs through Wednesday, November 28th, and one […]