Classic Pro Tip: The ONE Thing You Can Do to Become a Better Fly Fisherman in the New Year

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips
You don't have to cast as well as the late, great instructor Bill Cairns. . .but it sure wouldn't hurt.
A year is ending and a new one begins. Like most people, I look back and reflect on what the previous year has taught me or what insights I might have gleaned from all my time guiding. I . . .
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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 12.30.16

Welcome to the last Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival of 2016! It's been a great year for fly-fishing videos, as the overall quality continues to get better and better. This week, we serve . . .
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Take an All-New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 12.29.16

Welcome to another edition of our weekly trivia challenge, in which we test your knowledge of all things fly fishing and where you might learn a thing or two about this sport we love. Here's an . . .
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Video: Cold-Weather Sharptails

Native bird species often show remarkable adaptations to harsh environments. In this video captured by endorsed wingshooting guide Chad Hoover, sharptail grouse endure a . . .
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New Year’s Eve and Fireworks: Keeping Your Dog Safe and Calm

Fireworks are part and parcel of ringing in the new year, but for our dogs the flash of lights and loud noises are often anything but celebratory. Some dogs don’t seem to mind them, but . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Clean Your Fly Rod

My old friend Harry Murray—of Murray's Fly Shop in Edinburg, Virginia—posted a bunch of how-to videos a while ago, and they're very helpful. In this one, he talks about how he cleans his fly . . .
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Video: in Montana

Here's a cool, short video from Montana guide Frank Melro, featuring a great piece of cutthroat water. I love the mixture of drone angles that match the action seen from the ground camera . . . .
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Photo of the Day: A Face Any Angler Could Love

Fresh from the sea, even a relatively small Atlantic salmon gives an angler all he can handle. Photo by Sandy Hays
Here's another cool shot from my week at the Norwegian Flyfisher’s Club, on Norway's Gaula River two summers ago. (Check out the full story of my Norway adventure here.) Angler John . . .
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