Pro Tip: Cleaning and Storing Your Gear for the Off-Season

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and lubing your reels. Photo via
It's the final day of Vermont's open trout season, and since many other states also close for spawning and winter, it seems appropriate to post this primer for how to ensure that your gear is ready to go next time you hit the water, which may be months away.
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Video Pro Tips: How to Set Up Your Fly Rod

So you’ve picked your fishing spot and parked the truck. Now it’s time to set up your fly rod for a day of fishing. This seems pretty basic, but there are actually a couple of tricks to make the process . . .
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Video: How to Attach Dumbbell Eyes

Dumbell eyes add weight to a streamer pattern, plus they allow the fly to ride hook-upward and impart a jigging motion when you strip line. The problem is that they also tend to rotate around . . .
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Master Class Monday: How to Spot Trout in Dirty Water

Fly fishing can often be spectacular when the water is slightly dirty, so don’t give up just because conditions aren’t crystal clear. In this great video, Dave Jensen gives us some solid tips on how. . .
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Pro Tips: How To Choose the Right Fly Rod Size

With the holidays approaching, many of you might be putting "New Fly Rod!" on your lists of potential gifts. But this raises the question: What size fly rod do you want/need? As I explain in the above video, this question is really. . .
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Corduroy vs. Chino vs. Twill

By: Orvis Staff

Chinos and twill form the basis for a casual wardrobe.
Corduroy, chino, or twill—which of these classic materials is most represented in your cool weather wardrobe? No better time than the present to consider this question....
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What to Put in Your Hunting Dog First Aid Kit

By: Sondra Wolfer
Snake bite wound after debriding is gruesome but will heal. Photos courtesy  Greystone Castle

You take every precaution to prevent injuries when you go wingshooting, waterfowl hunting, or out on a training session with your gun dog. Though he’s steady to shot without fail and is outfitted with . . .
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ACTION ALERT: Montana DEQ to Hold Public Meetings on Proposed Mine in Smith River Headwaters

image via
The Smith River–Montana’s only permitted recreational river–is renowned for its clean water, rugged canyon scenery, and incredible trout fishery. A small Canadian mining startup, Tintina Resources, . . .
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