A Well Designed Hunting Vest Saves a Dog’s Life

Written by: Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin and Cooper share the fruits of an Alaska ptarmigan hunt.
Photos by Michael Goodwin

The fall hunt for ptarmigan along Alaska’s Denali Highway was another fickle weather day–32 degrees and low clouds. Since it was just me and my Brittany, Cooper, I loaded my new vest with . . .

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Photos: Becoming a Believer in Brazil

Written by: Brian O’Keefe

The arapaima is an incredible game fish that rewards angling skill and fights like a monster.
Photos by Brian O’Keefe

When I saw that my Brazil itinerary included a stint at Pirarucu, the arapaima hot spot in the Amazon watershed, I had mixed feelings. From what I had seen in videos and in magazines, the arapaima . . .

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Wanna Catch Bonefish in Cuba with Tom Rosenbauer?

The bonefish flats of Cuba are pristine, and the fish are relatively unpressured.
Photos courtesy Orvis Travel

Expansive, rarely-fished saltwater flats. World-class bonefishing with shots at tarpon and permit. Delicious, home-cooked meals. Vibrant culture. Warm, welcoming people. Illuminating . . .

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The Orvis Job Wall 11.07.2017

The view from Orvis HQ in southwestern Vermont is inspiring (although sometimes also distracting).
Photo via the Orvis Webcam

Welcome to the Orvis Job Wall, where we update you periodically on the opportunities to be a part of the Orvis team. If you read this blog regularly, you’re probably already aware of what a great . . .

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Video: How to Tie Hair Wings, Part 1

Dry-fly patterns such as the Royal Wulff and the Humpy float well, are easy to see, and catch a ton of trout. What separates these flies from other dries are that the wings are made of hair, rather . . .

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Pro Tip: How to Carry Two Rigged Rods on the Water

Written by: Travis Young

By sliding the butt section of the second rod through the sling-pack strap, Travis can cover water more quickly.
Photo courtesy Travis Young

I’ve been carrying two fully rigged rods with me while I fish—a nymphing set up and a streamer setup. Which rods I carry depends on the time of year, of course. Now the trick I’ve found is. . .

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Win a 6-Weight H3 in Our “Best of 2017” Photo Contest!

The 9-foot 6-weight is the latest addition to the lineup, and it’s available in both D (distance) and F (feel) models.

On Saturday, Vermont’s regular trout season ended, which means that everyone around here is slightly depressed and is reliving the highlights of their year on the water. To make ourselves . . .

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Video: Fly Fishing as a Way Out of Darkness

Fly fishing means different things to different people, but the sport’s value as a form of therapy for everything from PTSD to breast cancer is well documented. Here’s a beautiful video that portrays . . .

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