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What to Put in Your Puppy’s Crate at Night

By: Orvis Staff

Tempted to toss a pile of adorable plush toys into your puppy’s crate to keep her company at night? Perhaps a bolstered dog bed will cradle her in comfort. You love your new little peanut after all, and want her to feel happy and secure within the confines of her new human family. But how safe are her toys and bedding? You can’t watch her all night long….


How to Clean a Dog Collar

By: Darren Marcy

Dogs love mud, and they end up soiling their collars, as well as themselves.
Photo by Jody, Stevenson

No matter how clean your dog stays or how fresh his coat, the collar he wears will eventually absorb enough skin oils, as well as dirt and grime, to develop an odor. Dogs who spend a lot of time . . .