Wednesday Wake-Up Call 01.31.18

Photo by Pat Clayton, Fish Eye Guy Photography
In case you missed the big news, the EPA announced last Friday that it would not withdraw the Clean Water Act Section 404(c) Proposed Determination that would make it much more difficult . . .
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Video: How to Tie the Major Woody

In the latest great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie a buggy, all-purpose pattern that he calls the Major Woody, for reasons that will become . . .
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Video: How Does a Trout Catch a Fly? Marinaro’s “Edge of the Window Theory”

Last night, I stumbled on this fascinating video by English fly-fishing guide Paul Kenyon, explaining the theories of Vince Marinaro and others about how fish perceive our flies in the water. Starting . . .
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Pro Tips: Fishing for Trout Around Objects in the Current

When you get down to the micro level in a trout stream, objects in the water also help you pinpoint where trout feed. The most obvious items are rocks on the streambed, and usually it is not a . . .
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Video: Big Sea-Run Browns, Right in the Middle of Town

Here's a cool video, via Wille Lindh of Wyeld Fly Fishing, which features some stunning sea-run brown trout hooked in downtown Norrtälje, a town on the norther coast of Sweden. The . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Fish a Streamer on a Floating Line

At last Saturday's Fly Fishing Show in New Jersey, I was talking to another angler about my favorite way to fish streamers when all I have is a floating line or when the water is too low to use a . . .
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Video: How to Create a Neat, Small Head on a Fly

Nothing ruins the look of a good fly worse than a lumpy, overly large head. As Tim notes, one of the keys is using smaller thread, but you’ve also got to be careful how you cut the butts of your wing . . .
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Photo of the Day: A Winter Whopper in Vermont

Written by: Abbie Mahurin
Orvis's Abbie Mahurin shows off a fine Vermont brown caught on an unseasonably warm Saturday. Photo by Andy Mahurin
You know the saying: I was in the right place at the right time. Saturday's exceptionally warm temperature made for a fantastic day on the water--especially for winter in Vermont. Around 10 . . .
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