Video: Family Fly Fishing with datroutcrew

Check out this great teaser for an upcoming documentary about traveling and fly fishing with kids. The Ball family, from East Tennessee, calls itself "datroutcrew," and they seem to be living up . . .
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5 Tips for Preparing Your Lines and Reels for a New Season

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

Spend a few minutes giving your reel and line a tune-up. . .or you might live to regret it.
Photo by Tim Linehan
Recently, I was going through gear in preparation for my first guide trip of the season. As I started pulling line off a reel, I immediately noticed two things. First, the line was filthy and instead of. . .
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Video: How to Tie the Pat’s Plus

In the latest great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler ties a variation of the venerated Pat's Rubberlegs, which he has previously featured. The "plus" in the name here . . .
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Video: Top 5 Streamers for Smallmouth Bass

Our friend Colin McKeown of The New Fly Fisher and his colleagues spend a lot time chasing big . . .
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Classic Story: The True Value of a Fly Rod

Written by: Colin S. Shaffer
Colin says that this photo captures the essence of his father, when he is untangling my line as a young Colin stares into the camera. You can clearly make out the Orvis rod, too. Photo courtesy Colin Shaffer
Editor's Note: Orvis head of Rod & Tackle Steve Hemkens was in the Orvis rod shop recently, and rod-repair supervisor Jim West happened to show Steve the. . .
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Tuesday Tips: How to Fish Streamers in the Early Season

Fishing slow and low in the spring sometimes produces the biggest fish of the year. Photo by Drew Price
I always mistrust fly fishers who mouth the platitude, “I don’t care if I catch any fish or not; it’s just nice to get out there.” Sure. Then why don’t you leave the rod home and save yourself the . . .
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Video: How to Build a Tapered Thread Body

Building a tapered thread body on a small hook, for a fly such as a Zebra Midge, is a fairly simple process, but things can go wrong pretty easily. You don't want to end up with a misshapen or fat . . .
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Classic Video Pro Tip: How to Build a Nymphing Rig

When you've been fly fishing for more than 30 years, like John Herzer has, you don't need a fancy studio to shoot a how-to video. You just sit on the riverbank and demonstrate a skill that you. . .
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