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Best City and Apartment Dogs

By: Orvis Staff

Photo by Sandy hays

For city and apartment dwellers, that joyful decision to bring home a dog (congratulations!) should coincide with a reality check (sorry). Not all rescue dogs and dog breeds are well adapted for an urban environment, or for the square footage offered by an apartment or condo. It’s best to take your time deciding whether a dog is a good match for your lifestyle in advance, so you don’t face unnecessary frustration or, worse, bring home a dog you must later give up. Here’s a roundup of the top breeds for apartment living, as well as the most important considerations for a canine in the city.


Pro Tip: Know the Difference Between Dragons and Damsels

Written by: Jason Cotta, Fishing Manager, Orvis Bellevue (WA)

Dragonfly adults are beautiful, but they are not often available to fish because they are such strong fliers.
Photo by Jason Cotta

Summer is finally here, and stillwater fishing is starting to heat up. Rising water temperatures will bring out swarms of damselflies and dragonflies. Trout and bass will feed heavily on these two bugs throughout the spring and summer. Although the two . . .


Tight Loops Launches Kickstarter for Ambitious Project about Labrador Brook Trout

Written by: Phil Monahan

Aimee Bartee with a beautiful Maine brookie. The fish in Labrador will be even bigger.
Photo by Chase Bartee

Regular readers of this blog know (and probably love) the work of Tight Loops, the husband-wife team of Chase and Aimee Bartee, whose videos have been appearing here for the past three . . .


Story: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Written by: Phil Monahan

The treefish is easy to hook but notoriously difficult to land.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Anyone who picks up a fly rod learns pretty quickly that frustration is an unavoidable part of the sport. After my older brother, Brian, taught me how to cast in the backyard of his girlfriend’s house, I went fishing thirteen times before I finally landed a trout. That’s right—thirteen. But I kept at it because there was something about the process of fly fishing that attracted me immensely, …