Video: “Our Good Friend,” the Brown Trout

Here’s another great video from Carpe Diem, about a nice trout that they’d seen a couple of times before but had never gotten to take the fly. They are very patient this time, allowing the fish to move, spook, and then settle . . .

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Photo Essay: The Brown Trout of the Spanish Pyrenees

This dark, gorgeous beast fell for a small blue-winged olive imitation right a dusk. Look at those spots!
All photos by Sandy Hays

One of the difficult things about going on a fly-fishing expedition with a photographer is that you end up with many more great images than you can use in a single magazine or blog story, . . .

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Video: Brown Trout of the Lowlands

Here’s a great, short video about dry-fly fishing late June in the lowlands of Trøndelag Norway. How great must it be to arrive at the river and see all those bugs in the streamside vegetation? The . . .

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Video: Dry-Fly Brown Trout in Washed-Out Color

Here’s a gorgeous video from Sweden, featuring several very nice browns eating insects on surface. According to the filmmaker, Jon Hanson, “the weather was a bit up and down, and the fishing as . . .

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Video: Tennessee Backcountry Brown Trout

Here’s a short, dreamy film about fly fishing in middle Tennessee, from thebusted boat. I always appreciate it when someone tries to give a fly-fishing video an interesting mood or ambiance, . . .

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Classic Fish Story: “Taking Your Chances” with Brown Trout on the Battenkill

This is the picture I should have ended up with, but alas I didn’t “take my chance” when it presented itself.
Photo Illustration by James Daley

[Editor’s note: I found this photo poking around in my Facebook account, which reminded me of the blog post it comes from. This story, from a couple years ago, still causes me to wince.]

In this country, the phrase “to take your chances” usually means to try something that may end up being a disaster—as in “You’re taking your chances driving on those bald tires.” But across the pond, they have another way of using this. . .

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