Classic Winter Pattern: Josh’s Reaper Midge

Written by: Josh Williams

Winter trout often key on midges near or on the surface.
All photos by Josh Williams

Winter fishing in tailwaters can be both very fun and very frustrating. Although the absence of fair-weather fishermen means less angling pressure, you still have to deal with cold weather and. . .

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Video: How to Tie the Half Pint Midge

In the latest great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie a sweet little midge pattern that originated at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Montana. It’s easy to tie, looks plenty buggy, and has just enough . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Winter Parachute Midge

In this week’s great tying video, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions discusses his growing confidence in the color blue for winter fishing and then shows us how to tie a tiny, elegant midge pattern. Whenever I think about tying flies smaller than size 20, . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Fish Midge Patterns in Winter

Written by: Zach Matthews, Itinerant Angler

Tailwater trout, such as this Bighorn brown, often key on small midges.
Photo by Steve Galleta, Bighorn Angler

You’ve probably been there. Two hours from home, halfway through the thermos of coffee, knee-deep in cold water on a cold day, and not a single, solitary fish to show for it. They’re taunting . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Black Beauty Midge

Colorado fly-fishing legend Pat Dorsey designed the Black Beauty Midge to mimic what he saw on the water. As quoted in Ed Engle’s Tying Small Flies, Dorsey said, “I came up with the the Black Beauty one day after . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Brite Butt Zebra Midge

In this week’s video, Tim walks you through the steps for creating a version of the Zebra Midge that features a wide-gap jig hook, a heavy tungsten bead, and a hot-pink butt that will certainly act as an attractor. As usual, there . . .

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Video: How to Tie a Corded Midge Larva

The latest how-to video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie a great midge-larva imitation that looks great is the vise and even better in the water. As usual, Tim has come up with an ingeniously simple method for getting the . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Zelon Musk Midge

Whipping up a tiny midge pattern seems daunting to many tiers, but a minuscule fly doesn’t need to be difficult. The Zelon Musk Midge uses just two materials, and it doesn’t require any fussy . . .

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Video: How to Tie a Turbo Midge

Competition fly fishing requires patterns that are both effective and durable; you don’t want to waste fly-fishing time changing flies, after all. Chris Lee of North Carolina designed the Turbo Midge with. . .

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