Catch-and-Release Tips for Bonefish

I’ll be the first to admit it, and then other fly fishermen can chime in. In the past, though I was well intentioned, I sometimes handled fish in a manner that may have reduced their chance of survival after they were released. Maybe it was because I was excited about catching an especially big fish, or perhaps it was the first of that species for me. But mostly it was. . .

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The Tarpon That…Was!


sarah tarpon fly fishing

I hear the alarm go off at 5 a.m., jump up, grab an iPhone, and check the weather. Guess what? It’s blowing 15 knots. But what else is new?  It must be my day to fish because the water was slick calm the last two days while I was working. Oh well. We decide to pass on a day of fishing and go back to sleep. At 7 a.m., the dogs are making noise, so we’re awake again and my husband Chris says, “I just had a dream you caught a tarpon, get ready. We’re going.”  Well, okay. Twist my arm! So we take our time getting ready, swing by Cracker Barrel for a breakfast sandwich, to go (of course.) We pop on down to the boat at the crack of 8:15 and head out into a nasty chop. 

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Henry Winkler Book Signing at Orvis NYC

On Monday Henry Winkler stopped by Orvis NYC to promote his new book, I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River. Henry’s a talented fellow, no doubt–writer, director, actor, shark jumper–but many an angler is scratching his head with uncertainty about the title of Winkler’s book. Who hasn’t met an idiot on the river?

Well if the Fonz is the coolest, then Henry. . .

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Tom Rosenbauer’s Tips to Find Your Own Small Trout Stream

 Small Trout Stream Fly Fishing

All of us yearn for a stream of our own, a place visited by only a few other fly fishers each season, where the tight feeling in your chest when you round the bend to check if anyone is in your favorite pool could be banished. You can find such a spot and it might be closer to home than you think.

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Picture of the Day: High-Water Special

Bridger and Big Trout

Twelve-year-old Bridger put aside his preference for dry flies and worked a deep
nymph rig on the Missouri to great effect.

photo courtesy Brandon Bodecker

Our excessive snowpack and torrential rains of May and early June have led to some challenging times for anglers and outfitters alike in Montana. I am usually guiding on the Smith River this time of year and don’t get to spend a lot of time with my family, so when my 12-year-old son Bridger said,. . .

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Tuesday Tip: Mending as a Process

I remember the day the light bulb went off for me. I was standing shin deep in a small New Hampshire stream under the colorful fall foliage canopy while several brook trout rose in front of me. I was a rookie angler but had finally managed to learn how to cast without embarrassing myself. It wasn’t pretty, but it was beginning to work. However, I knew little about. . .

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The Benefits of Fishing Locally


mary fish


Because I was raised in a family of fly fishermen, the sport has become a necessary component of my lifestyle, as integral to my identity as my DNA. With that being said, I am constantly looking for ways to fish more often. I think for women especially, as passionate as we may be about the sport, there are specific barriers that can make it difficult to get on the water. While I’m lucky to work in an industry that surrounds me with “fishing buddies,” many women have a hard time finding people to fish with; and fishing alone is not always the best idea, especially in more remote locations.

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Giant Rainbows of Kamchatka Video Trailer

Orvis is proud to have helped sponsor Reel Water Productions
for the filming of an exploration of the Zhupanova River in Kamchatka, Russia. The film, to be aired on National Geographic television, involves kayakers who braved huge waterfalls, rapids, grizzly bears, and more. They also took advantage of the fantastic fly fishing, catching huge rainbows and Dolly Vardens.
Click READ MORE below to watch the cool trailer and we’ll keep you updated for the TV air times.

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Breaking Clays Tips: The Teal Station

Fridays at Orvis Sandanona Shooting Grounds mean one thing to me: Clay Breaking Sessions. I hold these 3-hour clinics both in the morning and afternoon. Each is limited to just four shooters with a focus on a particular target presentation you’ll find on any sporting clays course in the world. While nothing compares to being taught on the course, I will tip and insights now and again to improve your shooting. This week: the teal station.


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