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Top 10 (and more!) Flies for Fall on the Upper Delaware

Capt. Joe Demalderis (left) has trouble deciding on just ten patterns for fall on his home waters.
Photo via Facebook

On the Upper Delaware system, fall is a bittersweet time of year for me. Bitter in so far as the season is coming to an all too quick close; sweet because the river lights up again like a final hurrah and . . .


Five Common Questions About Labrador Retrievers

By: Orvis Staff

Photo by Tim Bronson

Among the most beloved, ubiquitous, and recognizable dog breeds, the enthusiastic and sociable Labrador Retriever not only makes an excellent pet, but is also an outstanding working dog. Originally bred as a water-retrieving hunting dog, the Lab possesses a combination of intelligence and eagerness to please his humans, making him highly trainable for a wide variety of work. Long pressed into service aiding those with disabilities, the Lab also has an excellent sense of smell, making him invaluable for police and military work.


Action Alert: Help Protect the Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead of Oregon’s Nehalem River Watershed

Written by: Tracy Nguyen-Chung

The Nehalem River could use even more protection than that proposed by the State of Oregon.
Photo by Tracy Nguyen-Chung

Oregon’s North Coast is an incomparable wonder, and home to the Nehalem River. (Nehalim is Salish for “place where people live.”) Lush forests, a sweeping coastal estuary, and miles of . . .


Classic Photos and Essay: A Trip to Remember on New Zealand’s South Island

Written by: Chris Budro

Chris Budro with his first New Zealand trout, caught on a windy day.
Photo by Hannah Perkins

For years, New Zealand has been a dream for me. Mouth-watering mountain views, bright turquoise glacial lakes, more trails and adrenaline rushes than you could ever imagine, and most. . .


Photo and Story: A Summer Steelhead on a Mouse Pattern

Baptiste had come a long way to catch such a stunning fish on a mouse pattern.
Photo by Devon Carr

As fly fishers, we often believe that we deserve a fish. Perhaps you deserve that fish because you made so many great casts and drifts. or you believe that your bad luck is due to run out. This . . .


Photos and Story: Summer Cicadas on the Colorado

Written by: Chuck Coolidge

Horseshoe Bend is a famous photo-op spot, but most folks don’t realize how great the fishing is at the bottom.
Photos by Chuck Coolidge

Arizona has always been known for the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, and the Painted Desert, but more recently, places like Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, and Horseshoe Bend have . . .


Five Questions About German Shepherds, Answered

By: Orvis Staff

By: Orvis Staff

Photo by: Flaurentine, used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD)—or simply ‘Shepherd’—consistently ranks among the top ten most popular breeds in America, second only to the number one Labrador Retriever for the last six years. His unfailing loyalty and intelligence earn him this distinction, together with his majestic and imposing canine presence. Like all dogs, he comes with challenges, and as such may not make the best first dog for a novice. Are you ready for a German Shepherd? Here are answers to five oft-asked questions about this rewarding, but occasionally difficult dog.


Top 10 Flies for Fall in Missoula, Montana

Written by: John Herzer,  Blackfoot River Outfitters

John Herzer celebrates a nice fall trout with a client.
Photo courtesy John Herzer

The rivers around Missoula, Montana–Rock Creek, the Big Blackfoot, the Bitterroot, and the Clark Fork–are already showing signs of the changing seasons. Shorter, cooler days are keeping . . .