How to Create a Persuasive Image of a Sulfur

A newly hatched sulfure rides the surface of a Pennsylvania stream.
Photos by Ted Fauceglia

Freshly hatched duns resting on slow-moving currents are the equivalent of low-hanging fruit. But trout will often follow and scrutinize a perfectly formed natural for several feet before deciding . . .

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A Guide to Dog Coat Types

Not all dog coats are the same.

From the neat, flat coat of the Labrador Retriever to the abundant shaggy mop of the Old English Sheepdog, a dog’s coat type is one of his most distinguishing features. Dog coat type refers to the differences in texture and length of the fur, and whether it’s a double or single coat. Varied coat types require different methods of grooming and present different challenges (especially for first-time owners), and also influence your best friend’s need for a dog jacket in crisp weather. Here’s the long and the short—and the rough and the smooth—of it:

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Wool vs. Cotton: When and Where


Wool and cotton are natural fibers with four-season versatility—whether they’re used in sweaters, performance wear, pants, or tops. In wool versus cotton comparisons, each emerges a champ, with winning qualities perfect for different articles of clothing, weather conditions, and activities. Our ancestors understood their benefits, as the use of both cotton and wool in clothing dates back thousands of years. Let’s compare them at a glance, explore the standout properties of each, and find out…

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What to Put in Your Puppy’s Crate at Night

You love your new puppy, and want her to feel happy and secure in her new human family. But hang on a second before you pile her crate full of cute toys and a velvety soft bed. How safe are her toys and bedding? You can’t watch her all night long, and puppies have an insatiable need to chew, indiscriminately. Given this truth, what should you put in your new puppy’s crate at night? Let’s explore…

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Fleece vs. Wool: Which Offers the Best Protection From the Elements?

Should you wear a fleece or a wool layer when you head out on your next cool-weather adventure? As you’re pondering which sweater or sweatshirt to grab in preparation, you may well wonder whether fleece or wool will work best for your activity. Which will be most comfortable while providing the best protection from the elements? The answer depends on what the weather’s like and what you’re planning on doing. Is it windy and/or likely to rain or snow? What is your anticipated level of exertion? For example, are you going shopping, or taking a long hike with the dog? All these variables will…

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Chino vs Khaki, Do You Know the Difference?

We’ve all heard both terms—“khakis” and “chinos”—used interchangeably to describe the same pants. But there are actually distinct characteristics that make each pant a style of its own—even if the differences are subtle. This made us wonder, do most folks know the difference between chino pants and khaki pants? And does it matter? Let’s see.

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How to Create a Crate Training Schedule for a New Puppy or Dog

Congratulations on your new puppy or dog…and double congratulations on setting up a crate training schedule. A crating schedule will help you raise a wiggly eight-week-old puppy into a dog who is full of good habits (chewing on appropriate items, settling quietly, going to the bathroom where you want) and free of bad habits (house … Continue reading “How to Create a Crate Training Schedule for a New Puppy or Dog”

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Guys and Dolls: How to Match the Hendrickson Hatch(es)

Written by: Ted Fauceglia

The female dun is lighter and larger than the male, and the trout will often key on one or the other.
All photos by Ted Fauceglia

For the ardent dry-fly angler, the advent of the spring trout-fishing season stirs feelings of anticipation like nothing else. Sure, dredging weighted stonefly nymphs and Woolly Buggers through winter’s . . .

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Classic Pro Tip: How to Fish High, Off-Color Water

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

Gerry shows off one of many trout that fell for a jigged nymph during high water.
Photo by Tim Linehan

In the spring, daily conditions can change dramatically. Wednesday it’s cool, overcast, and the river is in great shape. Thursday you show up at the boat ramp to find that thunder storms in. . .

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