Adventures with Dad. . .

It’s all about the moments. A lifetime of moments etched into the psyche of every son and daughter. For each of us, those cherished slices of time are intensely personal, immortalized. . .

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7 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

He was your first superhero. The guy who could (and still can) fix everything. The one who taught you how to throw a baseball, catch a fish, build a pinewood-derby car. He’s. . .

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7 Tips for Spring Hiking

As spring slides toward summer, we are thinking more and more about being indoors less and less. And, with 2016 celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service, we are. . .

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7 Cool Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

She’ll remember the stunning views and unparalleled experience of a hot-air balloon trip for years to come.
Photo by Jason Elkins, Equinox Balloons

It’s almost Mother’s Day…still wondering what to give to the woman who gave you the world? We thought you might be, so we asked ourselves, what would be the most exciting, extraordinary, . . .

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts: 5 Orvis Moms Share their Stories

A family hike to the summit of Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Jenette with children (L-R) Henry, Angelina, Isabella, and Charlie.
Photo courtesy Jenette Dill

Since Mother’s Day became an official national holiday in 1914, moms all over America have been celebrated with cards, gifts, and flowers. Inspired by some of the stories we’ve been. . .

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Skipping Stones on a Frozen Pond

Left to right: Nicholas, Abby, Lucinda, and Dean let their stones fly.
Photo and video by Larry Basso

Each year, we welcome the advent of winter with a hike before the snow blankets our favorite trails. Blessed to live in the Southern Berkshires—within easy access to so much of the. . .

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2016 Resolution—Be More Adventurous!

Each January, we hope for a new beginning. Most commonly, we resolve to better ourselves—to lose weight, spend less, save more, give back to our communities, keep in touch with. . .

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Loop, Twist, Knot—New Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is the easiest way to add a chic finish to any outfit. And there are so many ways to wear one, from a simple, timeless knot at the neck to an intricate loop-and-twist design. With the. . .

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