Morris Animal Foundation: Lymphoma & Your Pet – Webinar

Is your pet at risk?
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Lymphoma is a common and well-known type of human cancer. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common cancers diagnosed in dogs and cats. Do you know enough to recognize this disease in your pet?

Lymphoma can take many different forms…

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Petfinder: Broadway Barks

Broadway stars Karen Ziemba and Trixie with trainer Bill Berloni
Photo by Bill Berloni

Here’s a real-life canine fairy tale!

Recently my husband and I were in New York City, and decided to go see our friend, Karen Ziemba, who is starring in the current Broadway production, Bullets Over Broadway. The character she plays always carries a beautiful little Pomeranian….

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The Next Indiana Jones…wearing Orvis!

Future Archaelogist Simon P. Sherman III looking good in the Yucatan
Photo by Simon P. Sherman, Jr.

Recently we received the above image of twenty-year-old Simon Paul Sherman III, working hard in the heart of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. The picture was sent in by his proud Dad, Simon P. Sherman, Jr., who reported: “An Archaeology/Anthropology student at Millsaps College, Simon is experiencing first-hand the aspects that make up an exploration…

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Morris Animal Foundation: Cataracts in Dogs

As they age, dogs can develop cataracts, just like their humans
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Drug-Releasing Lenses Improve Sight for Dogs

As dogs age, many of them require cataract surgery. The surgery usually improves their quality of life, but some dogs experience persistent inflammation and they develop cloudiness over the eye, a condition known as posterior capsular opacification (PCO)….

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Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Harris Creek

CBF volunteer Patrick Beall “planting” an oyster reef at Harris Creek
Photo by Josh Bollinger

The staff and volunteers at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a 2014 Orvis Customer Matching Grant partner, are having a busy summer shoveling shells! Recently a group went out to the Harris Creek oyster sanctuary

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Morris Animal Foundation: Cancer – A Real Threat to Pets

Is your best friend at risk?
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Cancer poses a very serious threat to all of our pets. Six million new pet cancer diagnoses are made every year, and countless families experience the devastating effects of this deadly disease…

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Petfinder: Problem Children

An Assertive Duo – Finn and Dixie
Photo by Lollypop Farms

It’s hard to believe that the adorable pair of pups above would be hard to place and, therefore, on track for euthanization….

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American Rivers: MER Anglers’ Choice Award

Anglers’ Choice Winner John Muir on the Colorado
Photo by John Muir

For several years Orvis has sponsored the American Rivers Most Endangered Rivers Report, highlighting ten rivers whose fate hangs in the balance. This vitally important study seeks to draw the public’s attention to issues where they can still make a difference before it’s too late.

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Orvis Turkey Pool: And the Winner Is…

The Amazing Jody Frederick
Photo by Orvis

The 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool wrapped up on Saturday, May 31, bringing to a finish a month of fierce competition and camaraderie. The results are in…

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