Pro Tips: How to “Jackknife” Your Streamer

Designing streamer patterns to perform a specific function is what makes fly tying and streamer fishing enjoyable. Some streamers will swim. Some patterns will jig. And some baitfish imitations will kick off to one side to mimic a dying or . . .

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Video: How to Tie Barr’s Emerger BWO

The world’s most famous fly-tying dentist, John Barr, designed his Barr’s Emerger series in 1975, after spending a day fishing a pale morning dun hatch on Nelson’s Spring Creek in . . .

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Video: Why a Dog Bed?

A dog bed is more than just a comfortable place for your best friend to sleep. It’s a place of refuge, a place to recover after activity, and a training tool. Every dog needs a “den,” where they can get away from life’s . . .

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How a Double-Indicator Rig Can Help You Mend Better

Written by: Patrick Blackdale, Three Rivers Resort

A two-indicator rig can help an angler learn when he or she needs to mend.
Photo by Patrick Blackdale

As a fly-fishing guide, I teach clients to fish nymphs under an indicator much of the year. A constant challenge is how to eliminate micro-drag from the leader without having to constantly remind the clients to mend. The double indicator system has . . .

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Pro Tips: Top 5 Flies for Winter Tailwaters

any people are surprised when I mention I’m a year-round fly fishing guide up in Colorado’s high country. Sure, fishing in -15° can get cold, and snow blowing in your face presents challenges. But fish are still hungry and tailwaters are still flowing, . . .

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