Video: How to Tie the France Fly

According to angler and fly tier Hunter Hoffler, the France Fly was developed years ago but got its name during practice for the 2012 World Youth Fly Fishing Championships in France. Folks were struggling to catch fish, . . .

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Tuesday Tips: Don’t Ignore the Front Side of a Midstream Rock

Written by: George Daniel

X marks the spot above each rock where big trout may hold, getting first dibs on whatever food comes from upstream.
Photos by George Daniel

Rocks and boulders create hydraulic cushions within the stream, creating resting/feeding spots for the trout. Think of a rocks or boulder as a trout’s midstream La-Z-Boy recliner. The most obvious location to target fish is immediately below (downstream . . .

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Video: Tying with Craft Fur, Part II

In part II of his series on Craft Fur, Tim shows you how he prepares a new “pelt,” and then goes on to show you how useful the underhairs can be. By saving the fuzzy stuff as dubbing, you can use it in several ways to make great . . .

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Video Pro Tip: Be Ready to Strip Strike!

Most anglers know that the transition from trout fishing to casting for saltwater or big-game species can be fraught with peril. The deaded “trout strike” has resulted in the loss of countless tarpon, . . .

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