Video of the Day: The Best-Laid Plans. . .

We post a lot of stories here about hero dogs, loving dogs, intelligent dogs, etc. But it’s important to remember that they’re sometimes just dogs. This video is a perfect example of how doggy behavior can sometimes foil our best-laid plans. And even as she blows-up this guy’s big moment, Macey the Labrador is still adorable. You can read the whole story here, but be warned that it has a sad ending.

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Picture of the Day: Late-Season Brown Trout

Late-Season Vermont Brown

Orvis Rod & Tackle product developer Shawn “Puffy” Combs sent in this picture, along
with a note: “Jim Logan (in background), Tyler Atkins, and I floated on Sunday to rip
streamers one last time before the season comes to a end. My favorite part of
this photo is the drip of water coming off the fish.”

photo by Tyler Atkins

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Tom Rosenbauer’s Fall Fly-Fishing Secrets

Matapedia River Fall
Crisp days in autumn bring another worldly beauty to the forest and winding Matapedia River. This is a time to get to know the river in an entirely new way.

Credit: Charles Cusson/Atlantic Salmon Federation

In the podcast this week, I go on a minor rant about the ethics of crowding on today’s trout streams, and pretty much tell you if you don’t like the crowds, take a hike (literally). I do give some suggestions on how to handle crowded situations if you have no other choice, but there is almost always another choice. And in the main part of the podcast, I share with you some fall fishing secrets. We have touched on this subject before, but since the last time I have received some more tips from all of you that I really should share.

I also announce a very special contest for the best suggestion for next week’s podcast. The prize is an autographed copy of my new book, The Orvis Guide to The Essential American Flies, which is a large format book with spectacular color photos.

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A blind Great Dane and her guide dog need a new home

Lily (left), a blind Great Dane, relies on her pal Maddison to serve as her guide dog.

photo courtesy

When Lily—a Great Dane who lives in Shrewsbury, England—was still a puppy, veterinarians were forced to remove her eyes because of a rare condition that caused her eyelashes to grow inward. Luckily, according to a story in the Daily Mail, her friend and fellow Great Dane Maddison stepped right in to serve as a guide dog for the now-blind Lily: . . .

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Tying the LaFontaine Sparkle Emerger

Gary LaFontaine’s book Caddisflies, published in 1981, completely revolutionized the ways that anglers understood caddisfly behavior, how trout reacted to it, and how imitations should be tied and fished. LaFontaine, who died of Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2002, had spent a decade studying caddisflies, even donning SCUBA gear to observe the underwater. . .

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Pictures of the Day: Reel-Repair Love

Reel Love

I was up at the rod shop in Manchester not too long ago
and wandered into the reel-repair room. Above the
doorway, they’ve posted some letters received from
happy customers over the years.

photo by Phil Monahan

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Video of the Day: A Real Tiger Mother

Golden Retriever takes on white tiger cubs from Travis Heying on Vimeo.

Every time you think you’ve explored the limits of what dogs are capable of, you stumble on something like this wonderful video from Safari Zoological Park in Caney, Kansas. When a female white tiger rejected her cubs, Isabella the golden retriever stepped in to take her place. It’s amazing how she draws no distinction between her own puppies and these other babies in need.

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Video of the Day: Stu Apte, Big Tarpon, and the Citrus Queen

Here’s a wonderful piece of archival footage featuring famous Florida Keys angler Stu Apte casting for big tarpon with a fiberglass rod. But he’s not in it just for the sport; no, he’s also trying to win the admiration of the Florida Citrus Queen, who is sporting a swell swimsuit. Check out the “rod stiffener” Apte threads into the butt section of his rod for more power. He lands two beauties here, but the editor has spliced in some shots of a real monster fish, as well.

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