TV Commercials have gone to the dogs

Last Friday, one of the world’s largest dog-food manufacturers, Nestle, launched a television commercial directed at the company’s customers—dogs. The spot, aired in Austria, features a high-frequency tone to catch the dogs’ attention, plus a squeaking noise designed to sound just like the sound of a squeezable dog toy and a different high-pitched “ping.” Both upper-register sounds are beyond human hearing, so the dogs receive the bulk of the commercial’s message. The big question is how this will help sales, since, unlike a child, a dog cannot repeat “Can I get it, huh, can I?” a thousand times until its parents give in.

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Picture of the Day: Wyoming Whopper

Wyoming Brown Trout

While fishing the Laramie River, reader Morgan Ford caught this stunning 27-inch brown trout on a size 16 Wire Baetis Nymph, dead-drifted behind a crayfish pattern.

photo courtesy Morgan Ford

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Tuesday Tip: Untangling Leader Knots

Fly fishermen are masters of euphemism when it comes to tangled leaders. “Oh, look. I’ve got a wind knot,” an angler will say on the even the most flat-calm day.  Sorry, my friend, but the wind had nothing to do with that knot, which was surely caused by a flaw in your casting motion. Such knots are usually caused by tailing loops (an easy-to-fix problem) or an overly violent. . .

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Picture of the Day: September Special Salmon

Restigouche Salmon

Scott McEnaney—director of the Orvis Eastern Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters & Guides program—caught this gorgeous 16-pound Atlantic salmon on a fly called the
September Special. It was one of two salmon he caught in a day and a half
at Restigouche River Lodge, fishing with guide Deering Irvine.

photo courtesy Scott McEnaney

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Diabetic-alert dog barred from classroom

Last week, we posted about the amazing positive effects that diabetic-alert dogs can have on their owners’ quality of life. Today’s Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Mississippi) features a story about a local teacher whose request to keep her alert dog in the classroom with her has been denied by the local school board. Even worse, the board will not tell her why her request has been denied.

For more information on diabetic-alert dogs, visit Dogs4Diabetics.

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To train your hunting dog, you must be a leader

Murph looking for leadership

Your hunting dog already knows what to do in the field, but he or she looks to you for leadership.

photo by Paul Fersen

Some of the most interesting things about working with Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels—I was taking a dog-training course and writing a book with him at the same time—are the subtleties that are far beyond the actual mechanics of running drills. Perhaps the most important premise (and the thing that most people simple don’t get) is that dog training is more about training yourself how to train the dog.

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Fall in Montana: Saving the Best for Last

Fall Brown Trout 1

After a strange season characterized by high water and late hatches, October looks like a great time to be on the
rivers of southwestern, Montana.

photo by Toby Swank

We’ve been stuck in a lingering Indian summer here in southwestern Montana, which has just added to the irregularity of the 2011 season. Things started off later than usual, thanks to heavy snow last winter, only to be followed by one the wettest springs on record. Anglers and guides across the region were scrambling around parts unknown in search of fishable water throughout most of June and July, only to be treated with some of the best late-season water conditions we’ve ever seen. The season is starting to wind down, and it looks like we will finish up the year on more. . .

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Diabetic Alert Dogs Save Lives

I’m at the Wildrose Seminars at Orvis Sandanona, which are put on by Orvis-Endorsed trainer and breeder Mike Stewart. I’m here because Mike and I are writing his signature training book, which will be published by Orvis Rizzoli in the fall of 2012. The interesting part of writing this book is that I’m also training Murphy, a Wildrose Lab, at the same time I’m writing the book. Many of you have been following. . .

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Friday Film Festival 09.30.11

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection offers super-fast action in the salt for albies, redfish, and snook, as well as great steelhead footage to get Great Lakes fishermen pumped for the season. We’ll also take you to Alaska for an adventurous float trip that features three guys daring each other to eat. . . .

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McKinney Diaries III: First Solo Fish

[Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago, we introduced a series by Orvis’s Mike Mckinney, who has been learning to fly-fish after avoiding the sport for as long as an Orvis employee can, with a post called “Resistance is Futile. Episode II described Mike’s first fish. We’ll follow Mike’s journal entries, which describe his successes (and failures) along the way to become a true fly fisherman.]

Fly Fishing lesson number 2: Steve gave me a shopping list of basics. I stopped by the store but forgot the list. I remembered all the basics, but could not remember the names of the half dozen flies he had recommended. All I could remember was the size (14). I picked anything that had white. That’s all I remember about the flies we used the last time we’d gone out. . . .

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