Fewer (Human) Babies, More Dogs!

For some of us, our pups are our kids.
Photo via Quartz

For those of us whose dogs are our babies, this will come as no surprise: while birth rates in the US have fallen 10% since 2007, ownership of small dogs (under 20 pounds) has more than doubled since 1999…

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The 2014 Orvis Angler’s Choice Award to Benefit American Rivers’ Most Endangered Rivers

The Colorado River was last year’s #1 Most Endangered River and the Orvis Angler’s Choice
Photo via American Rivers, ©Pete McBride

Our friends at American Rivers have released their annual list of The Ten Most Endangered Rivers in America.

At Orvis, we know the importance of protecting and restoring our nation’s rivers and streams, which is why we were proud to sponsor this report for the fifth consecutive year. In order to celebrate these rivers and spread awareness of their endangered status, we’re asking you to vote for your favorite among the ten.

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Our Dogs, Our Doppelgängers

Sebastian Magnani, “Underdogs”
Image via nextavenue

We’ve all observed the propensity for people and their pups to look alike. Now, a Psychology Today article proposes an answer as to why this phenomenon exists…

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Pebble Mine Update: Mining Company Rio Tinto leaves Pebble Project

In December, we updated readers on the status of the Pebble Mine project. Since then, we got news that the EPA announced it is invoking its authority under the Clean Water Act to determine whether it should permanently bar the development of Pebble Mine.

Today, a new development: major stakeholder Rio Tinto has announced it is ending its involvement. We are just getting word of this, and will have more information on what this means for the future of the project as the story unfolds, but wanted to announce it here right away.

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