New Buccaneers & Bones Trailer

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has released a trailer for the new season of “Buccaneers & Bones,” in which famous anglers such as Tom Brokaw, Thomas McGuane, and Michael Keaton travel to Belize to catch fish and talk about the conservation challenges facing the fishery. (Last season, the show was called “Pirates of the Flats.”) Episode 1 airs on the Outdoor Channel on December 26, and will air three times that week. Episodes 2 through 7 will air in the following weeks.

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How to Buy a Fly reel

Reels IMG_6456
Choosing from among all the available reel models and sizes can be intimidating.
Photo Tim Bronson

A fly reel is a thing of beauty. Put one on a table in front of an angler and they will invariably pick it up, feel it, turn it, listen to the click, adjust the drag, and in essence fondle it. The longer they handle it, the better they like it. You can literally test the perceived quality of reels by the length of time anglers hold them. Reels are the jewels of the sport, and a great fly reel is something. . .

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The UV Ice Dub Baetis Nymph

Here’s a good video from the guys at the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog that demonstrates how to tie a simple yet enticing Baetis nymph. This should be a good pattern for winter fishing in small sizes.

What patterns are you tying this winter?

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Orvis Puppy Monday- Chocolates!

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - The Nethermead Puppies of Brooklyn
The Nethermead Puppies of Brooklyn
Stephen, Brooklyn
Enter the Orvis Cover Dog Photo contest for your chance to put your dog on a future cover of the The Orvis Dog Book catalog, win a $500 gift card from Orvis and help us beat canine cancer! Enter online at
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Late Fall on the Little Red

Dana Walker Brown_1
Dana Walker shows off a chunky brown from the Little Red River in Arkansas.
photo by Toby Swank

I just wrapped up a whirlwind tour of the Little Red River in northern Arkansas. November and December is typically the time of year when the brown trout move into the shallow shoals to spawn. We planned this trip so that we could both sight fish and streamer fish to some trophy-classfish. Well, as with just about every fishing trip, Mother Nature and the Army Corps of Engineers. . .

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In the Loop 12.02.10

I recently ran across this marvelous piece of archival film from the International Game Fish Association, which shows casting champion Bill True and guide Jim Brewer chasing tarpon in the Florida Keys. It’s a great piece of history, and it will give you a sense of how much easier. . .

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Reading Between the Lines

Redacted 1
A nice brown from the [REDACTED] River in Montana.
photo by Phil Monahan

A couple of years ago, Eric Rickstad and I made plans to go to Montana in late April for the Orvis Western Guide Rendezvous. As soon as our travel plans were finalized, Eric started talking about a river I’d barely heard of. “We gotta hit the [REDACTED] River,” he said. “I’ve heard lots of whispering about some big browns there in spring and fall, but I’ve never had the chance to fish it.” When I mentioned that I hadn’t heard any such rumors, Eric just said, “Exactly,” and smiled knowingly. The possibility that there was an “undiscovered” river anywhere in Montana. . .

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