TU and Ranchers Work Together to Save Wasson Creek

Protecting, conserving, and restoring our coldwater rivers and streams takes a lot of hard work, not just on the stream itself, but working with land owners, ranchers, and other parties who at first might seem at odds with certain goals. This video demonstrates that partnerships are entirely possible and are key to achieving both conservation goals and the goals of ranchers and others who depend on the water for their own livelihoods. Kudos to all.


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Rosenbauer’s 11 Tips for Hot Feeder-Stream Fishing

A few summers ago, I spent two days at Orvis-endorsed Madison Valley Lodge in Ennis, Montana. Manager Chris Eaton took me on a great short float through the Channels section of the lower Madison and showed me just how much I have to learn about fly fishing this river, even after fishing it for 25 years. I think I caught one fish for every ten he hooked. After we got back to the lodge, I asked him about a tiny feeder stream of the Madison that runs through the ranch property. “Lots of fish in there,” he said, “and it only gets fished a few times a year.

Music to my ears.

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300,000 Show Canine Love at Woofstock

On June 11 and 12, an estimated 300,000 dog lovers united at Woofstock, a weekend dedicated to all things canine. The event started in Toronto in 2003 and soon grew to be the largest gathering of dog-lovers (and their beloved dogs) in North America. It also includes more than 200 dog product vendors.
In an article in the Toronto Observer one attendee put it like this:

“For decades, dogs have become more and more a part of our families in North America,” said Nigel Ryce, part owner of A Leg Up. “Woofstock is a totally unique way to tip our hats to our canine companions and all they bring to our lives.”

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Huge Rainbow Trout in Kamchatka

Orvis is proud to have helped sponsor Reel Water Productions
for the filming of an exploration of the Zhupanova River in Kamchatka, Russia. The film, to be aired on National Geographic television, involves kayakers who braved huge waterfalls, rapids, grizzly bears, and more. They also took advantage of the fantastic fly fishing, catching huge rainbows and Dolly Vardens.
Click READ MORE below to watch the cool trailer and we’ll keep you updated for the TV air times.

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Fishing with Matt Light, New England Patriot

Matt Light with NY Steelhead
Matt Light with a steelhead he caught on a previous fishing trip

What does a three-time Super Bowl Champion do during the NFL lockout (besides work out at Boston Collge)? What any one of us rational folks do: fish.

On Memorial Day, I fished with Matt Light of the New England Patriots and two other avid anglers, Russ Kessler and Ed Lombardo, Sr. For the past few years, Orvis has been proud to help support Matt’s great charitbale cause, The Light Foundation. The foundation teaches kids outdoor skills such as fishing, shooting, and hunting in order to help them become responsible and successful citizens. It is a great organization that has made a difference in the lives of scores of kids.

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Should Allergen-Sniffing Dogs Be Allowed in Schools?

Great news for people, especially kids, who suffer severe and even life-threatening allergies to things like peanuts: allergen-sniffing dogs that warn you of the allergen before you get too close to them. The dog’s keen sense of smell is just another example of how our canine friends can better our lives and actually save them.

But, there’s a catch…

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Monster Brook Trout on Mouse Patterns: Labrador Adventure, Part I

The brook trout jumps clear out of the river for the size 12 Stimulator skating across the surface. My line goes taut, and soon I bring the trout to hand—a 17-inch beauty that’s thick enough to go two pounds. Although it’s small for this otherworld called Labrador, it’s also the first trout of a weeklong trip, and since I hail from the Land of the 10-Inch Trophy Squaretail (aka Vermont) I’m not yet acclimated to the absurdity of the place. I consider the trout a moment longer, and then slip it back into the water. You’d better bring a pretty big net when you head into the Labrador bush in search of native brook trout.

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Dangerous Dogs? Or Negligent Owners?

dangerous dog
Dangerous Dog?

An ordinance passed in College Park, GA to register “dangerous dogs” is said to be in the interest of public safety. According to a story on CBS Atlanta

“College Park officials will enact a  “dangerous dog” registry next month that some critics say is very close to canine profiling. Residents owning dogs that have, without provocation, bitten someone during the last 12 years, will be required to register their pet with the city clerk’s office.  Pit bull, Doberman, Rottweiler and German shepherd owners, will also have to register their dogs whether they have ever attacked someone or not.”

What do you think? Should dog owners pay extra money because they own a certain breed, even when their individual dog has never harmed anyone?  Are there dangerous dogs or just negligent owners?

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