Tom Rosenbauer on Where to Find Trout in a River

Here is a stretch of fast water, and the places you might expect to find trout during a hatch. Trout 1 and 5 have moved into slower, shallower water and will probably rest and hide in deeper water when not actively feeding. Trout 2 and 4 are in small, bowl-like depressions of slightly slower water. Trout 3 is in a cushion in front of the large rock, and trout 6 is in a cushion between two submerged rocks.
Photos by Tom Rosenbauer

I would predict that less than half of any river holds trout that are more than six inches long. Water in which trout will respond to insect hatches comprises perhaps a quarter of all fish-holding water . . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Avoid Micro-Drag

Drag on a dry fly or nymph can be insidious, causing you to get more refusals, misses, and bad hook sets. Sometimes, this drag is barely visible to the fly fisher, either on a floating dry fly or on an indicator when nymph fishing. But it can be enough to . . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Deal with Sun and Shade

We sometimes don’t pay enough attention to sunlight and shade when fly fishing for trout. But as Dave Jensen shows–using an example of a large cutthroat trout rising in a mountain river–your approach must take these conditions into account. This . . .

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