Tom’s Material of the Week: New Scissors

Large Loop Synthetic Scissors work great for materials that can be hard to control while cutting.
Photo via

OK I lied—the Material of the Week this week is not a material. It’s a couple tools. But tools are the most important part of your fly-tying acquisitions, and the right scissors in particular can make. . .

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Tom’s Fly of the Week: Bissett’s Cajun Crustacean

Capt. Lucas Bissett has thought long and hard about the way to present a crab pattern to redfish.
Photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

I periodically get to chase redfish, and although I almost always tie flies before a trip, I always make the mistake of figuring that my bigger Bahamas-type bonefish patterns will. . .

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Podcast: Bristol Bay and Heavy Metal Fly Fishing

This week, we take a break from our typical how-to podcasts (don’t worry: The Fly Box is in there this week, with tips on tippet material, keeping hands warm, and a what to pay most attention to in a fly-fishing class) and look at the passions of. . .

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A Day of Firsts on Schoharie Creek

Men’s Journal editor Jason Fine with his first smallmouth bass.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

Everybody has an idea of sublime moments in fly fishing. Mine include the rattle of a hooked tarpon’s gills on its first jump, the distant glint of a tailing bonefish on the other side of a shallow flat, the first mayfly of the season tiptoeing across a. . .

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