Video Tuesday Tip: The Basics of Catching Carp on a Fly

These fish are hard to fool and tough to land.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

Carp fishing, while available to nearly anyone close to home, is not easy. It’s challenging, which is why people love them so much (in addition to the fact that they fight like demons.) To help. . .

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Podcast: Tom’s Eight Tips on Using Indicators

This week’s podcast is eight tips on indicators—or probably more, but I’m calling it eight and sticking to it. We’ll talk about types, depth, how to rig, weights, and a couple special tricks on how to. . .

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Podcast: Fishing for Freshwater Stripers with Henry Cowen

This week, I had a great talk with Henry Cowen on freshwater stripers. Henry is a saltwater angler and fly tier of great experience who brought his talents to freshwater stripers, and he has some wonderful tips for finding these big guys, flies to use, and techniques to get them to. . .

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Trading Secrets with a Bass Master, Plus a Chrome Surprise

Tom admires a fine Lake St. Clair smallmouth caught in fairly cold water.
Photo courtesy JP DeRose, Breaking Boundaries

Yesterday, I was on Lake St. Clair—just outside of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario—and it was cold, rainy, and windy with water temperatures in the high 40s. If someone had asked me last week if this would. . .

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Podcast: Dead-Drift or Swing for Steelhead?

This week, it’s all about steelhead, or at least mostly about steelhead. Besides the main topic—dead-drifting vs. the swing for steelhead—we talk about such varied subjects as overlining rods, matching a rod to a fish size, dressing dry flies, the. . .

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