Podcast: An Interview with Carp Expert Dan Frasier

This week, we have a great interview with Dan Frasier, fly-fishing editor of Carp Pro magazine, on—guess what? There are some terrific tips in this interview, including a couple I had not heard of and will try on my next carp fishing trip. I am sure you will find some as. . .

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Tom Rosenbauer on How to Match the Hatch

Choosing the correct fly at the height of an insect hatch, when the trout are selective, is the most complicated, exasperating, and, when you find the right fly, satisfying experience in fly-fishing. The challenge involves not only what species of insect the fish are feeding on, but also the stage—is it an emerging adult, a drifting nymph, or a. . .

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Pro Tip: Don’t Wait Until Summer to Fish Terrestrials

A Hi-Vis hopper is easy to see, even in rough water.
Photo via orvis.com

If you think terrestrial imitations are only for summer fishing, you’re missing a great deal of dry-fly action. The normal thought is that trout ignore land-bred insects in the spring and early summer, until mayfly and caddisfly hatches dwindle with the heat of summer. They ignore terrestrials about as much as you ignore chocolate mousse when out to. . .

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Podcast: Upstream or Down?

This week, we explore the topic of whether you should fish upstream or down—not only what direction you should move, but also which way you present your fly. The podcast will tell you exactly which direction to fish every time you go out by using a simple formula (just kidding; did you really think it would be that. . .

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Photo of the Day: Carp Rods of the Champions

Some lucky carp anglers will walk away with these one-of-a-kind Helios 2s this summer.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

The other day I sent out special H2 rods as awards in the major US fly-rod carp tournaments for summer 2013. Each of the following tournaments got a special rod: . . .

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The Tom Rosenbauer Trivia Challenge – Android App Edition

We have a special edition of my quiz this week to celebrate the release of the Orvis Fly Fishing App for Android devices, also available for iPhone.
All the questions were taken from the app. We have a couple of knot videos in this quiz. A lot of fun.

Click the banner below to take the quiz and then come back and tell me how you did!

Take the Tom Rosenbauer Fly Fishing Trivia Challenge

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