Master-Class Monday: Dry-Dopper Accuracy

When it comes to catching large trout, accuracy and timing are everything. Watch Dave Jensen, as he spots a huge fish in a small stream, agonizes over just where to place his fly, and makes . . .

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Pro Tips: Tom’s 5 Tips for Preparing for a Bonefish Trip

If you want to improve your chances of catching bonefish, work on the required
casting and angling skills before you head to the tropics.
Photo by Sandy Hays

I’ve watched even experienced trout anglers become frustrated, angry, and even embarrassed on bonefishing trips because they weren’t ready for the wind, difficult fish spotting, and unfamiliar directions given by a guide. Just a little preparation will make your. . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Cast Big Flies

One of the most common questions I get on the podcast is about casting big flies. People think they are doing something wrong when casting huge streamers because they can’t get the . . .

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Tom Rosenbauer on Where to Find Trout in a River

Here is a stretch of fast water, and the places you might expect to find trout during a hatch. Trout 1 and 5 have moved into slower, shallower water and will probably rest and hide in deeper water when not actively feeding. Trout 2 and 4 are in small, bowl-like depressions of slightly slower water. Trout 3 is in a cushion in front of the large rock, and trout 6 is in a cushion between two submerged rocks.
Photos by Tom Rosenbauer

I would predict that less than half of any river holds trout that are more than six inches long. Water in which trout will respond to insect hatches comprises perhaps a quarter of all fish-holding water . . .

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