Classic Story: What Makes Bamboo So Special?

A teenage Tom Rosenbauer shows off a nice upstate New York brown and his favorite bamboo fly rod.
Photo courtesy Tom Roenbauer

Many people today treat bamboo fly rods as more of an heirloom than a fishing tool, but there are are also plenty of anglers who use only bamboo. In fact, there are probably more people fishing these rods today than there were 10 or 20 years ago. My love affair with bamboo began in the. . .

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Video Pro Tips: How to Catch Carp on the Fly

These fish are hard to fool and tough to land.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

In the Facebook comments below last night’s post “How to Fish Wet Flies and Nymphs, with Tom Rosenbauer,” reader Jett Morris asked for similar information about carp fishing. So here’s. . .

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Story: Chasing Carp on a Summer Saturday

The Bonefish Bitters was Shawn’s secret weapon for the day.
Photos by Shawn Combs

There are few things in life more enjoyable than a hall pass, a gorgeous summer day, and a plan to explore new water relatively close to home.  Last Friday, Shawn “Diddy” Combs, our head. . .

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Podcast: Tom Talks to the New Lord of the Flies

In this podcast, I sit down with Orvis’ new fly guru, Jesse Haller to discuss (of course) flies, as well as competitive fly fishing. Jesse, who recently took over from Shawn Brillon, is a passionate. . .

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Take a Bite to Save a Stream

Last summer, one of our product developers came back from the Outdoor Retailer show with some samples of a type of energy bar I had never seen but is apparently very. . .

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Podcast: Bill & Tom’s Excellent Fly Lists

This week, I have been asked to narrow my fly selection to three nymphs, dry flies, emergers, and streamers with one hand tied behind my back because the guy who wrote the question said. . .

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