Orvis Sandanona: Interns with Guns Edition

Orvis intern Henry Miles lines up a clay pigeon at the Sandanona wing-shooting grounds.
Photo by Grant White

On Friday, as my intern friends from school crunched numbers and tweeted “TGIF,” I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful Sandanona Shooting Grounds in Millbrook, New York. It’s how The Orvis Company does. . .

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Blind and Deaf Dogs Work Together to Overcome Their Disabilities

Eve and Dillon help each other get past their disabilities
Photo by ABCNews

Two best friends are working together to make life a little easier. Eve, a deaf mixed breed, and Dillon, a blind border collie blend, met this past year in a California shelter after each were abandoned by their owners. Now, the two pups have formed an inseparable team to combat their disabilities…

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Video: “Abandoned Dogs: A Message for All Humanity”

We frequently highlight Eldad Hagar’s tear-jerking rescue videos on this blog. Now, as part of his effort to raise awareness of dog abandonment, Eldad has put together a short compilation film that takes us through the process of over a dozen pup rescues. Eldad’s message is simple…

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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 07.19.13

Welcome to a new edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available. I’m filling in for Phil again, who’s in Montana for the week. We’ve got another killer line up in store, with seventeen more videos that will take you around the world…

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Seven Beagles are Rescued After Spending 4 Years in a Testing Lab

One of the rescued pups heads off with its new owner
Photo by Portland Press Herald

After spending the first four years of their lives in a pharmaceutical testing lab, seven beagles were given a second chance at puppyhood this week. Thanks to the Beagles Freedom Project, an organization that rescues and relocates beagles, the pups experienced their first sniff of fresh air and belly rubs on Monday…

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Puppy Paint: Blind Dog Raises Money for Animal Rescue by Painting

Hallie’s paintings raise money for local animal rescue
Photo via The Chronicle

A painter in Centralia, Washington is using her talent to help abused rescue dogs find new families. For the artist, it’s a cause that hits close to home. Hallie is a rescued 13-year-old long-haired dachshund who lost her eyesight in 2011. But that hasn’t stopped her from using her special talent to raise money for local pups…

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Scotland is Piloting Concept of “Dementia Dogs”

Scotland is helping pave the way for dementia service dogs. Here, a recently trained pup poses with his family.
Photo by The Independent

Dogs possess an extraordinary knack for therapy and assistance. In Scotland, the government is tapping into this puppy support with its new initiative, “dementia dogs.” The program trains pups to assist and provide comfort for those battling the degenerative disease…

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