Coincidence or Fate? Service Dog Links Two Soldiers

Jake Murphy’s service dog Gabriel was originally intended for his brother in arms Derek McConnell.
Photo via 4 Paws

Two years ago, the lives of U.S. Army soldiers Jake Murphy and Derek McConnell became forever linked. After an exploding IED cost Jake both of his legs, Derek pulled him to safety where the two remained until medical help arrived. Only hours later, McConnell suffered an identical injury…

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Photos: Summer School With Phil Monahan

Victory! Hardly a monster, but they are beautiful.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Yesterday, I had the privilege of accompanying Phil Monahan to a rural Vermont stream in pursuit of native brook trout. An expensive fishing getaway? More like lunch break at The Orvis Company. As a social media intern here at Orvis, I’m working closely with Orvis News, which means Phil is kind of my boss. During our one-hour break, we fished several small pools on the stream, which is. . .

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Hero Dog Saves Owners From Rattlesnake

Shakira strikes a gallant pose after saving her owners from a rattlesnake.
Photo by John Forysth

John Forysth and his wife Diane Castañaon received a Father’s Day gift from an unexpected source last Sunday. While hiking Mt. Tamalpais in Marin, California, the couple’s 13-month old Anatolian Shepherd, Shakira, stopped suddenly in the trail. On high-alert, Shakira quickly reversed her footing, forcing her owners to come to a perplexing stop. Unbeknownst to John and Diane, a rattlesnake lay in wait just inches from. . .

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Orvis Baton Rouge Helps to Re-Home Rescue Dogs

The events at Orvis Baton Rouge now account for most adoptions for Friends of the Animals.
Photo courtesy Orvis Baton Rouge

Rescue dogs hold a special place in our hearts here at Orvis, and our retail store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is helping these pups find a special place of their own. Every weekend, the Orvis Baton Rouge retail store opens its doors to Friends of the Animals to provide a place for rescue dogs to relax, romp, and. . .

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