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Best City and Apartment Dogs

By: Orvis Staff

Photo by Sandy hays

For city and apartment dwellers, that joyful decision to bring home a dog (congratulations!) should coincide with a reality check (sorry). Not all rescue dogs and dog breeds are well adapted for an urban environment, or for the square footage offered by an apartment or condo. It’s best to take your time deciding whether a dog is a good match for your lifestyle in advance, so you don’t face unnecessary frustration or, worse, bring home a dog you must later give up. Here’s a roundup of the top breeds for apartment living, as well as the most important considerations for a canine in the city.


Small Dog Versus Big Dog – What Size Is Best for You?

By: Jill Jones

Large dogs and small dogs can both be wonderful pets, but there are differences.
Photo by Kerry, Quantico

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to adopt a dog: congratulations! Now all you have to do is figure out what kind of dog to get. If you are new to the world of dogs, the choices may seem . . .