Tuesday Tips: Advanced Streamer Tactics for Fall Trout

Orvis's Shawn Combs caught this 17-inch beauty on Utah’s Green River on a Mike's Meal Ticket. Photo copyright Douglas Barnes, Now Picture This
When the nights turn cool and leaves change colors, trout start to feed more aggressively, often abandoning their notorious wariness. The major insect hatches of the year are over, and a. . .
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Video: Slovenia’s Glorious Soca Valley

This is a glorious video shot on the waters of Slovenian's Soca Valley, including some of the smaller tributaries. The crystal-clear water allows for incredible sight-fishing opportunities, and the scenes of big trout taking flies will . . .
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Pro Tips: Catch More False Albacore with Topwater Flies

Written by: Capt. Gordon Churchill
The author shows off a gorgeous little tunny, which ate a Crease Fly. Photos courtesy Capt. Gordon Churchill
If you’re a fly fisherman, then you love seeing fish eat your flies, like when you’re casting dry flies for trout or poppers for bass. And sight-fishing for bonefish is considered one of the more exciting . . .
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Video: How to Touch-Dub for a Buggy Effect

There are many ways to use dubbing to create bodies, thoraxes, and such on a fly, and each creates a different effect. Here, Tim demonstrates a technique called "touch dubbing," which . . .
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Story: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mouse

Casting mouse flies at night for big browns can result in savage strikes from big browns. Photo by Drew Nisbet, Fishing Manager of Orvis Buffalo
Went to the Boneyard yesterday afternoon. Big yellow stoneflies in the air. First time I’ve ever seen them flying around at the Farmington. Hooked and lost a (seeming) mega on a yellow stonefly . . .
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Pro Tip: How to Cast Heavy Streamers

Big, lead-eye streamers, such as Schultzy's S3 Sculpin, require a different kind of casting. Photo via orvis.com
Heavy flies present casters with several troubling problems. We are all taught that good casting means throwing nice, tight loops and that high line speed makes for longer, more accurate. . .
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Video: Creekin’ in the Colorado High Country

Colorado has enjoyed some welcome snowfall in recent days, although a little white stuff certainly doesn't mean winter has arrived. It's still October, and  Trouts Fly Fishing  Online and Website Manager, Alex Kass, wanted to . . .
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Video Pro Tip: How to Fish Around Rocks and Logs

The "cushion" of water in front of a midstream rock is good holding water for trout.
Photo via howtoflyfish.orvis.com
In this excerpt from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, Tom Rosenbauer explains why fish are found in front of midstream rocks and logs as often as they are found behind such. . .
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