Video: Argentina Dream Stream

Here’s a glorious video from Argentinian Patagonia, featuring sight-fishing to large rainbows and brown trout. These spring creeks are so clear that you can watch trout come off the bottom to . . .
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Master Class Monday: Tight-Line Nymphing for Beginners

Tight-line or “Euro” nymphing is a very effective way to catch trout when fly fishing, and it works when other methods are not effective, like when trout are in deep water and not feeding aggressively. Dave Jensen shows how he utilizes this nymphing . . .
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Video: How to “Jig-Fish” a Streamer, with Kelly Galloup

Here's a cool tip from streamer-fishing guru Kelly Galloup. In colder water, when the trout aren't willing to charge a fast-moving baitfish pattern, try imparting a jigging motion to your retrieve. But you have to . . .
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Video Pro Tip: Whack-A-Mole Casting Practice

Here's a quick-and-dirty casting tip from Capt. Lucas Bissett of Lowtide Charters in southern Louisiana. Whereas most casting practice focuses on long casts, Captain Lucas knows . . .
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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 11.09.18

Welcome to the latest edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available. This week, we serve up a straight dozen productions from around . . .
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Photos: Learning on the Water

Written by: Kati Rouse,  Rouse Fly Fishing
Gracie finally hooks up after some instruction from new guide, Kati. Photos by Jeff Rose
The other day, I had the pleasure of taking out Gracie Edwards, co-owner of Fayettechill in Arkansas. She had never had anyone teach her how to cast a fly rod and had not caught a fish in the last couple of years, . . .
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Podcast: The World of Competitive Fly Fishing, with Jesse Haller

Jesse Haller with a beautiful brown trout. Photo via facebook
How do people compete in fly fishing contests? How are they scored? How do the teams work? Where are the competitions held? Most of us don’t have any interest in competing in fly fishing—some of you probably . . .
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Take a Classic Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge 11.08.18

Welcome to another edition of our weekly trivia challenge, in which we test your knowledge of all things fly fishing and where you might learn a thing or two about this sport we love. This week, we serve up a classic quiz with ten questions to give the ol' . . .
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