Video: A Light in the Dark, or Why We Fly-Fish

Here's a cool, ruminative video from Wesley Johnson that ponders the question of why fly fishing is so important to so many of us. As the video features beautiful shots of the water, birds, and . . .
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Videos: A Masterclass in How to Fish Streamers

Here's a killer episode in the series “The Bank,” from Jensen Fly Fishing, and it comes in two parts. Episode 12 was all about nymphing on a big river, and now the focus is on streamer . . .
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Video Pro Tips: Where to Find Trout in a River

One of the first keys to mastering trout fishing is knowing where to cast your flies. That means knowing in what parts of a river trout are likely to be holding. In this great video from the . . .
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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 11.07.18

An attempt to add protections for Alaska's wild salmon was beaten back at the polls. Photo by Pat Clayton, Fish Eye Guy Photography
Over the past few weeks, we’ve been advocating a “YES” vote on a Montana ballot initiative that would have required hard-rock mining companies seeking new permits to show they will not cause perpetual . . .
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What I Learned on My First Trip for Northern Pike

Written by: Chuck Coolidge
The author hoists his first northern pike on a fly. Can you tell he's excited? Photos by Chuck Coolidge
Wisconsin is well-known for its solid predator fishing, and muskies get almost all the attention. However, there's another member of the Esox genus that's significantly more abundant and, some would say just as fun, that you can fish for year round: . . .
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Join the Embrace a Stream Challenge and Help Trout in Your Local Waters!

Please join Orvis in helping local Trout Unlimited (TU) chapters—made up of anglers and conservationists like you—improve rivers across the country and unlock $50,000 in cash prizes to support their work! The Embrace A Stream Challenge is a . . .
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Video: How to Tie the Wood Duck Heron

The Wood Duck Heron was first tied by New Hampshire angler Nick Lambrou, who intended it to be an imitation of a Hexagenia mayfly emerger. As many anglers have discovered, the pattern also works well as small baitfish pattern. As with the . . .
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Video: Unguided in Utah’s High Uintas

One of the most common question that fly-fishing guides get is, “What do you do when you’re not guiding?” For most of the pros I know, the answer is the same: “I go fishing.” Here’s a great video from a series called “Unguided,” about those trips that guides . . .
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