Developing My Written Histories in “The Gun Dog Notebook”

Written by: Durrell Smith
My Gun Dog Notebook is filled with the stories and memories of my days afield, following behind my young Labrador retriever, Ruger. Photo by Josh Same
Roughly 20 minutes before writing this article, I was on the phone with a living legend by the name of Bud Moore. Now, before I proceed, I have to acknowledge what an honor and a privilege it was to be on the phone with a guy that won his first field . . .
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Podcast: A Hunter’s Place in The World, with Tom McGuane

In this episode Reid has the privilege of sharing an hour with acclaimed writer, rancher, hunter, angler, and conservationist Thomas McGuane. McGuane, whose career as a novelist and short story writer spans nearly 50 years, describes his . . .
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Podcast: A Discussion About Orvis Guns, with Greg Carpiniello

Greg Carpiniello in the Orvis Gun Room in Manchester, Vermont. Photo courtesy Greg Carpiniello
On an early November evening, Reid returns from Orvis Sandanona with Gun Room Manager Greg Carpiniello. Recorded on a mobile unit that captures the sound of rain on the windshield, the two discuss the Orvis assortment of shotguns, and how . . .
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#MomentofChill 11.21.18: End of the Hunt

Todayโ€™s #MomentofChill is from our own Joel Ruby, and it captures the feeling of tiredness and satisfaction that comes at the end of a great day in the field with dogs and good friends. The grasslands of central . . .
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Reconsidering Hunting “Plantations”

Neal Jr. works one of his seven Pointers in the Plantation country.
Because I live in Atlanta, many of my adventures in bird hunting and gun dogs occur on plantations. When I share my stories with people, they are often surprised by this reference. Response to the word โ€œplantationโ€ is not always positive, due to . . .
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Video: Review of the Orvis Fabarm Elos D2 O/U 20-gauge Shotgun

Randy Wakeman is a well-known firearms consultant, author, publisher, speaker, and he clearly likes to review new guns. Here's he takes a long, hard look at the new Orvis Fabarm Elos D2 O/U 20-gauge Shotgun, which is a significant upgrade from the . . .
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Podcast: From the Fields of Saskatchewan, with Dave Brown

Dave Brown shares a successful hunt with his dog. Photo courtesy Dave Brown
Recorded live in Cabri, Saskatchewan, Reid spends an evening at bird camp speaking with Dave Brown of Dave Brown Outfitters. The two discuss the day they spent afield for Hungarian partridge and sharptail grouse, and Dave describes the nuances and . . .
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Podcast: The Nuances of Guns and Shooting with Jordan Smith and Greg Carpiniello

Reid spends an hour with Jordan Smith (Orvis Gunsmith) and Greg Carpiniello (Orvis Gunroom Manager) discussing the many nuances of guns and shooting. The trio explore shot size, chokes, dangers of steel shot in old guns, shotgun finishes, and . . .
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