Introducing Orvis Hill Country Shooting/Hunting Grounds

A lot of work has gone into getting the new property ready for a November 3 "soft opening." Photos by Reid Bryant
Summer seems to be hanging on in southern Pennsylvania, and the hills of the Blue Ridge are still lush and green. It’s been a wet and heavy late season, and despite the arrival of October, the afternoons are still given to porch-sitting . . .
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Podcast: “In Late Fall”

In what may become a periodic new format for the podcast, Reid shares a written story of an early duck hunt, and a traditional reunion with an old friend. These periodic spoken-word/storytelling podcasts may become a regular installment, so don't hesitate to weigh in with your opinions. If you don't see the "Play" button above, click here to listen. Photo courtesy Reid Bryant
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Introducing Durrell Smith

Written by: Durrell Smith
Durrell Smith and Ruger. Photo by Josh Same
My name is Durrell Smith, and over the coming months, I will be contributing regularly to the Orvis Hunting Blog. It will be a pleasure to share a bit of my story, and to describe my insights, lessons, and adventures as I pursue the wonderful journey . . .
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Podcast: A British Perspective on Wing Shooting, with Matty Rawlinson of Owens Valley Wing Shooting

Photo courtesy Matty Rawlinson
On the eve of Reid's first hunting junket of the season, he spends a bit of time with Matty Rawlinson of Owens Valley Wingshooting. The two discuss Matty's early days afield in the UK, the . . .
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Podcast: Common Questions That New Hunters Face, with Julia Zema

Photo courtesy Julia Zema
Reid welcomes his colleague Julia Zema to the podcast to discuss the common questions facing new hunters, as they attempt to enter the world of upland bird hunting. Julia and Reid discuss . . .
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Podcast: Conditioning Your Dog, with Jeremy Criscoe

Photo by Days Afield Photography
In this episode of the podcast, Reid speaks with Jeremy Criscoe of Blue Cypress Kennels, an Orvis Endorsed Labrador breeder. Jeremy describes the kennel operation, the focus on British . . .
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Photo Essay: Following the Call of the Quail

Written by: Garden&Gun editors
Gates Shaw (left) and Radcliff Menge prepare to follow a Llewellin setter into the field on a December day. Photo by William Hereford/Garden&Gun
Gates Shaw began work on Brierfield Farm, his family’s eight hundred acres in Bibb County, Alabama, in 1993. Back then the land was mainly cattle pasture, but Shaw, a passionate . . .
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Podcast: Sporting Dog Nutrition, with Karl Gunzer

Photo courtesy Karl Gunzer
On today's podcast, Reid interviews Karl Gunzer, Sr. Manager - Sporting Dog Group at Nestle/Purina. After a successful career as a retriever trialer and trainer, Gunzer took a job . . .
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