Podcast: The Health of Your Sporting Dog, with Shawn Wayment

The Bird Dog Doc in the field. Photo courtesy Shawn Wayment
This week, Reid spends an hour with Shawn Wayment, a Colorado veterinarian with a focus on sporting dogs. Listeners may know Shawn as @birddogdoc on Instagram, or via the Upland . . .
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Podcast: Getting to Know Your Host, with Reid Bryant

In response to a few emails Reid takes the opportunity to share his personal story, illuminating his life and career in hunting, writing, dogs, and guns. More than simply a bio, this podcast also . . .
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Podcast: Grouse Hunting and Wingshooting Education in the Catskills

Photo by Phil Monahan
This week, Reid is joined by Rick Watson of Catskill Casts and Coverts to discuss the newly-hatched Grouse School, which will be offered in conjunction with Orvis this fall. Rick has assembled a team . . .
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Podcast: Picking and Training a Dog, with Reid Bryant

Reid Bryant and Collins take a break below a good piece of cover.
Photos by Phil Monahan
Reid takes to the podcast booth to answer some dog questions recently posed by listeners. He discusses terminology, picking a breed, and how to select a methodology for training that . . .
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Secrets of the Bird-Dog Wizard

Scott Miller distinguished himself during his field-trial career with dogs known
for both their steadiness and supreme style. Photo by Andrew Hyslop/Garden&Gun
We’d given up on the point, despite Tieka’s staunch figure in the broomsedge, at a field corner near the cut sorghum, unwavering in her commitment. Scott Miller swept the brush twice with . . .
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Photo Essay: Hunting the Gray Ghost of the Wyoming Sage

Written by: Edgar Castillo
The sage grouse is a quarry worth traveling for, and we must help preserve its habitat. Photos by Edgar Castillo
Memories still abound from my 2017 trek from Kansas to the Wyoming high desert in search of the sage grouse. I had forgone my annual early-season chase for prairie chickens across the Flint . . .
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Podcast: Turkey Hunting, with Thierry Bombeke

Orvis's Scott McEnaney with a Vermont wild turkey. Photo courtesy SCott McEnaney
Thierry Bombeke, Associate Publisher and Director of Wingshooting at Shooting Sportsman Magazine, talks turkey with Reid. Thierry, an avid and educated turkey hunter, shares tips and tricks . . .
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Video: Farmland Huns in Montana

Endorsed guide Chad Hoover took this video of Hungarian Partridge at an old farm site in eastern Montana last September. Huns are notorious for being found around old farm sites and . . .
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