Big Victory for Those Seeking to Protect the “Sacred Headwaters”

Back in September, we posted the above video and suggested that we, as a society, needed to have a larger discussion about mines and natural treasures. Today I got an email from Orvis Bellevue’s Leland Miyawaki, which linked to an exciting story in today’s Globe and Mail. It’s not often that those seeking to protect pristine wilderness get such encouraging news:

In an announcement, expected Tuesday, the B.C. government will confirm that Shell Canada Ltd. is immediately abandoning plans for drilling in the area where the headwaters of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine rivers are located.

At the same time, the province will announce that it is not going to issue any future petroleum or natural-gas tenures in the region – effectively making permanent a moratorium that has been in place for the past four years.

Bravo to the thousands of people who worked hard, lobbied legislators, wrote letters, and beat the drum in other ways to make this happen. Steelheaders who love the region can rest a little easier now and focus on what’s important now—swinging flies for wild, native fish.

Click here for the full story.

Click here to learn more about the issues involved.

The Bulkley River is a world renowned fly fishing river and part of the Skeena River system.

photo via Globe and Mail

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