Drift-Boat Auction to Benefit Skagit River Wild Steelhead

Master craftsman Ross Duncan built this one-of-a-kind drift boat specifically for this auction.

photo courtesy Ross Duncan

Orvis has teamed with the Wild Steelhead Coalition to auction off a one-of-a-kind, McKenzie-style driftboat, hand-built by master craftsman Ross Duncan. The 17-foot boat is constructed with BS1088 marine plywood and white oak, and it is full of great features. This is simply a gorgeous watercraft that rows, holds, and maneuvers beautifully. It is a brilliant fishing machine.

Here’s the best part: all proceeds will go toward WSC habitat restoration and steelhead research projects on the Skagit River. The retail value of a boat of this quality would be well over $12,000, and bidding will start at $5,000. The auction will run until October 30. This is a unique chance to get an incredible boat and to help preserve wild steelhead.

Click here to read about all the boat’s features or to place a bid.

The boat is set up with two swivel seats, for fly fishing or side drifting, with an adjustable-position rower’s bench rope seat, and the craftsmanship of the woodwork is exquisite.

photo courtesy Ross Duncan

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