New Film about Atlantic salmon conservation

Home For Salmon outtake 1 from Danica Film AS / Kristian Topp on Vimeo.

“Home for Salmon” is a film about conservation efforts in the Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR), located on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Comprising the watersheds of the Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Rynda and Zolotaya rivers, the ASR is in need of serious protection from poachers, as spelled out on the ASR Web site:

Everyone who comes here to fish the Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Rynda or Zolotaya should realize they are entering what has effectively become the world’s first Atlantic Salmon Reserve. They are not just enjoying a wonderful fishing holiday. They are making a real contribution to protecting the Atlantic salmon, preserving a fragile environment, helping the local economy, and supporting worthwhile social causes.

The Russian Authorities have effectively allowed the Northern Rivers Company to contribute to the environmental protection of the watersheds where they operate in co-operation with Murmanryvbod (River Authority), PINRO (Scientific Authority), and the Russian Northern Fleet. It has been possible to completely eliminate both near-offshore and inland culling and poaching, which was as high as 75% of the stocks, because there are no roads and we deploy our security forces by land, air, and sea. To maintain this scenario, the whole length of the main salmon stretches are patrolled by our “running boys” every night. As the spawning season approaches, more staff become involved where necessary camping out at the significant spawning sites until the ice freezes over. Through our Wild Brown Trout Programs, we are able to keep watch up to the source of the rivers. All information is passed to Murmanryvbod representatives who take appropriate action.

“Home for Salmon” is not for sale but is available for free on theĀ ASR Films Web site.

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