PBS’s “Frontline” Covers Pebble Mine Tonight!

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Pebble Mine is receiving a lot of attention from the national press of late. Two weeks ago, Dan Rather reported live from King Salmon, Alaska, with a panel of experts. (You can dowload the program here for $1.99) Tonight, television’s best investigative-journalism show, PBS’s “Frontline,” takes a hard look at the issues raised by the proposed open-pit mine. The episode, called “Treasure Hunting: The Battle Over Alaska’s Mega Mine,” lays out the problem in the barest terms:

In return for copper and gold worth an estimated half a trillion dollars, state and federal regulators risk poisoning what scientists describe as the last best place on earth for millions of wild salmon – and the risk from toxic mine waste would last forever.

“Frontline airs on most PBS stations at 10 p.m. tonight. Click here for your local schedule.

Click here for a detailed article on tonight’s episode.

“Frontline” takes a look at the possible effects of Pebble Mine on the ecosystem of Bristol Bay.

photo courtesy PBS.org

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