Photo Essay: DamNation, or Why More Dams Must Go

damnation photos

Prevented from migrating upstream, a spawning pair of pink salmon flirt over a gravel
bed near the now-removed Elwha Dam powerhouse.

photo by Matt Stoecker

Back in July, we posted the trailer for an upcoming film DamNation, from
Felt Soul Media
. According to the description on the film’s website,

Examining the history and controversy behind current and proposed dam removal projects, DamNation presents a dynamic perspective on Man’s attempt to harness and control the power of water at the expense of nature. Nothing lasts forever, not even the concrete monoliths that have impounded America’s free flowing rivers in the name of “progress” for ages.

There’s now a stunning gallery of images, such as the one above, from the filming of the documentary. There are shots of dams now gone—Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams, for instance—as well as many that need to come down. No matter where you stand on these issues, the photography is compelling and often beautiful.

Click here to view the gallery.

Hat tip: Moldy Chum.

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