Conservation News 9.20.10


The proposed Pebble Mine isn’t the only place where gold mining could damage a fishery. Since four dams on Oregon’s Rogue River were removed in recent years, gold-seekers with suction dredgers have moved in to sift through the gravel that had built up behind the dams for decades. Many of these gold-seekers are from out of state and have come to Oregon because California banned the practice last year. As the New York Times reports, local anglers and river stewards are not happy about it. (Photo courtesy of Klamath Riverkeeper.)


Permit Underwater

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From Bonefish & Tarpon Trust: “At their September 2nd meeting in Pensacola, FL, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission members decided that the draft rules recommended by FWC staff need further revision.  In an interview with the Keynoter newspaper, Commission Chairman Rodney Barreto said “These are our rock-star game fish. We asked staff to take another look at what we need to do to protect permit.  Permit is among the greatest fish we have in the Keys. We want to step back and figure out how to better protect it.” Learn more at the BTT Web site.

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