Video: Former AK Senate President Rick Halford Speaks Out Against Pebble Mine

The pro-Pebble Mine forces would have you believe that all “real” Alaskans are in favor of the project, and that the agitators are transplants, hippies, or from “outside.” This video shoots a big, fat hole in that argument. Rick Halford is about as Alaskan as they come: bush pilot, avid outdoorsman, and longtime Republican political leader. He retired from public life in 2003 as president of the Alaska State Senate. This ain’t no hippie; this is a man who never met a mine he didn’t like. . .until now. Listen to what he has to say about the future of Pebble Mine.

Rick Halford

Rick Halford has been pro-mine his whole life, but even he can’t believe Pebble can protect the environment.

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